National Pilgrimage to Our Lady of Walsingham and 87th Reunion Celebration day Celebrations

On the 24th of September, 14 Missions from across the United Kingdom, gathered together to celebrate the 87th Syro Malankara Catholic Reunion and to take part in the Annual Pilgrimage to the National Catholic Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham. The day began around 12:00PM at the Apparition Ground, located in Little Walsingham with opening prayers led by Rev. Fr. Thomas Madukkamoottil and Rev. Fr. Renjith Madathirambil. This was followed by a procession along the ‘Holy Mile’ way, whilst carrying the Statue of Our Lady and reciting the holy Rosary; an unforgettable moment for all those who stood as spectators of it and this included the locals whom, although they are oblivious to our such religiously cultural traditions, they were reluctant not to appreciate what they were seeing.

The Basilica Pilgrimage Committee welcomed the Syro Malankara faithful as the procession reached its destination, the Walsingham Catholic Minor Basilica. The heavenly atmosphere felt by all was prevalent throughout the Holy Mass presided  by Fr. Thomas Madukkamoottil where Fr. Renjith Madathirambil and Fr. Joseph Mathew were concelebrants. Fr.Renjith in his holmily reminded the faithful the importance of devotion to Our Lady and urged the families to firmly uphold the Syro Malankara catholic values and  tradition where ever they  live.As always, we were once again blessed to have heard a few words of gratitude and words of empowerment – from the Basilica Director, Rev. Msgr. John Armitage – to the Syro Malankara faithful. Rev. Msgr. John Armitage explicitly mentioned his appreciation and gratefulness to the Malankara faithful for our willingness towards continuing to uphold our traditions and cultures of the Syro Malankara Church.

We are immensely grateful to Fr. Thomas Madukkamoottil, our  Co-ordinator, Fr. Renjith Madathirambil, Chaplain and to the National Council Vice Presiden Mr. Joji Mathew and Secretary Mr. Joseph Abraham for organising this memorable event. However, most importantly, the day couldn’t have been as unforgettable and remarkable without the participation from the rest of the National Council representatives as well as members from their local parish committee. The gathering is a special event – quite undeniably for everyone- solely since it serves the purpose of giving an opportunity for the Malankara families to come together and develop a good relationship between each other.

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