Bible Arts Festival And Catechism Day Celebrations

LONDON: To bring the young generation closer towards God, there need to be an immense consideration for such cultural events. The first Bible Arts Festival, organised in London was an essential step towards fulfilling this motive. The event -involving members from 6 Syro Malankara Catholic Missions- was decided to take place in London. The beginning of yet another chapter in the history of the Syro Malankara Church in UK was inaugurated by Fr Thomas Madukkamoottil, the Co-ordinator of the Syro Malankara Catholic Church in the United Kingdom. Additionally, there were felicitation speeches by several members of the church such as Mr Benny Southampton, the National Council Representative, followed by Mr Jobin, the Catechism Co-ordinator and finally Mr Jerry.

Moreover, the Seminar which took place earlier the very same day had the key motive to inform parents about the ‘The role of parents in the faith formation of Children’. The real motive for the day was met, when Sunday School children from East London, Southampton, Croydon, Luton, Ashford, West London, took an opportunity to perform to express their abilities through Performing Arts. It is of paramount importance to point out that all the students, performed to the best of their ability and, so it was an unforgettable experience and thus a visual treat for all those who were lucky enough to see the performances. Moreover, there were special mention and awards for the top-performed GCSE students whom included Steffy Sunil, Judin Sebastian, Angel Prakash and Liya Sheen. Meanwhile, there was another special mention to all the Sunday School students and in particular, those who scored the highest in their exams. Such an event could not be complete without the gesture of appreciation for all the Sunday School teachers for their outstanding effort and commitment to teach the children the true path in faith and love.

Finally, towards the end of the day, there was also meetings and discussions arranged for the new academic year informing and directing teachers about the new structure of how Sunday School lessons should be carried out. All things considered, it was a remarkable day and the abilities of the children who performed was overwhelming in such a way that we could foresee the tremendous success of those children. Moreover, and more importantly there was an atmosphere of joy and happiness which was prevalent throughout the day. Therefore, it is vital that such events require special attention as it expresses the importance of children to the role they play in the Church.

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