Sunday 29th of April 2018, was recognised as yet another remarkable day for the Syro Malankara Catholic Church, in the UK. ‘Liturgia 2018’ was held at St. Joseph’s Mission, Dagenham, led by the Coordination Committee for the Malankara Catholic Youth Movement (MCYM) for the London Area. The purpose of the day was to bring the young people, the backbone, and the future of the Church, together from across the Six Syro Malankara Catholic Missions in the London Region.

The day began with Holy Mass in English celebrated by Rev. Fr Thomas Madukkamoottil – Special Pastor and Coordinator – who also inaugurated the event. Henceforth, the MCYM Committee under the leadership of Mr Jerry Kunjumon, President of MCYM, put forward an effective day for the youth which included various activities such as informing the young people about the difference in liturgy and practices of our own Church in comparison to all other Catholic Churches in India and elsewhere across the world. This aspect was reiterated by Mr Michael Kovoor, Treasurer for the MCYM Coordination Committee, through a fruitful presentation. This was followed by a short presentation by Mr Lijoy (Animator), which really targeted the crowd to think critically about certain aspects of our faith and our practices.

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